Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ghost Rider vs. Evil Tax Man

Tonight during BONES, audiences were treated to a typical GHOST RIDER commercial. Immediately following it was something special.

It seems that after ridding the world of evil, Ghost Rider uses Jackson Hewitt to file his taxes. The agent was challenged by Mr. Rider's flaming W-2 form, but ultimately managed to slip Mr. Rider's quick refund loan into one of Mr. Rider's many pockets. You see, he couldn't just hand it to him, as it would burst into flames.

A pretty neat set of combo ads.

But then Mrs. Kimosabe pointed out a line from the movie spot that goes something like "After dark, whenever he's in the presence of evil, he will become the Ghost Rider."

So.....the flaming paperwork would seem to indicate that Jackson Hewitt is evil.

Seems a bit like Carnival Cruise Lines teaming up with Titanic, if you ask me.

Score one for the better half!

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